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© Martin Nordstjerne
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David Jay

David Jay is born and raised in Copenhagen and is of Danish and Gambian descent. He grew up in a multicultural home which gave him a unique style both musically & visually.

Since his early teens he has been a tastemaker and influencer in Scandinavia through playing basketball, hosting events, hosting parties, playing concerts and just recently launched the label ISSA.VIBE MUSIC. He has always been ahead of the curve and kept an international standard in every single project.

His debutmixtape “I Am David Jay” was released in 2013 and the rest is history. He has been on international tours played in front of thousands of people, achieved millions of streams on Spotify and won several awards.

‘’Dance Wit You’’ became his first hit after receiving heavy rotation on Swedish National Radio on the legendary show, P3 Din Gata. From here on his songwriting and ability to create catchy hooks became in high demand and he landed big placements with major labels and artists.

His most streamed songs is ‘’COME CLOSER’’ & ‘’DANCEFLOOR MURDA’’ that collectively has led to over 25 million streams and winning 6 awards in the process.

In 2020 his latest album “Africa” came out and has been his most impactful project to date reaching new audiences worldwide.

As an entertainer, performer & host he has been extremely active internationally - latest event has been hosting the Burna Boy concert in Stockholm.

David Jay is an artist you can’t box in. He is forever evolving and renewing popular music!


Kristian "Kriswontwo" Shaw-Mathiassen
Founder, WONTUNE