Studio video of Abudebi Zonjon, Beatz Dakay & Patch Bay Band in Ghana

Abudebi Zonjon wrote “I’ve Decided” (to be released in November) on an airplane listening to a couple talking loudly about very private issues. Check the video below from the studio session and scroll further down to read the story from the singer’s own perspective:

“On the 5th of November I flew from Copenhagen to Ghana and Seated next to me on the British Airways flight was this very interesting couple who appeared to be in their late 20s or early 30s. Their no-filter conversation in a not-so private space caught my attention.

I was about to watch a movie but decided to secretly give them my ears whiles pretending to watch a movie with my earpiece on. They were madly in love with each other apparently, but the most interesting part was how they related more like best friends than a couple. They had a fun way of expressing their emotions. Which I found very interesting. In a nutshell, that’s how the song “I’ve Decided” came about.

The most part of “I’ve Decided” was based on their conversation regarding separation. In their conversation it appeared, they were about to be apart from each other for the first time since they met. Based on the fact that the lady was relocating to further her education, but the man couldn’t relocate with her due to work even though he so wished.

The title of the song “I’ve Decided” came from the point when the lady asked his fiancé “would you cheat on me while I’m away” and the guy answered “No please I’ve Decided I’ll wait”, in a cunning and funny way. The guy then asked her back but “if I cheat on you what would happen” And she answered with a smile “I’ll burn your house to ashes” and then they laughed about it.

In as much as they meant every bit of their conversation, they still had a funny and comic way of expressing their emotions. What was more interesting was the fact that the man was playing the emotional role whereas the lady on the other hand was the less emotional one. So in the flight I started putting together the lyrics and creating melodies in my head.

I had a picture of the type of sound I wanted the song to reflect, so Immediately I got to Ghana I got my producer Beatz Dakay and two instrumentalist from a popular Ghanaian band called the Patch Bay Band to the studio to create the piece. I chose a different sound because I wanted the melody to reflect the conversation between these couple and the different types of emotions during the moment of experience.”


Kristian "Kriswontwo" Shaw-Mathiassen
Founder, WONTUNE