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Billy Otto

Billy Otto is a Byron Bay based singer-songwriter, record producer, mental health advocate, surfer and environmental activist. With his confessional lyrics, sun-drenched vocals and earnest desire to inspire his audiences, it doesn’t take long to feel enamoured with the exquisite, ethereal sound he’s crafted over the years. His coastal sound lands somewhere between Radiohead and Tame Impala.

In 2021 he sold out his Australian headliner tour and his thrilling live show also landed him support shows for the likes of Yumi Zouma and Kyle Lionhart.

Having played to thousands of fans across Brazil, Japan, Sweden, North America and Australia, his eclectic infusion of dream pop and psychedelic folk have been known to bring his audiences into a trance and to facilitate an even deeper sense of unity and connectedness. Otto is no stranger to indie music blogs and streaming platforms having racked up millions of streams over his short career.

His heart for the environment is strong, and his music and activist voice has been used for environmental campaigns in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation. Recently his song “Can’t Take The Ocean Out Of Me” was harnessed for a monumental nationwide paddle-out campaign, to protect the South Australian coastline from irresponsible oil drilling. The song was picked up by Patagonia for their latest activist documentary.

If you find yourself sitting at work, school or on public transport with your eyes closed floating through a whimsical world where peace, love and harmony rule the elements, don’t be alarmed... that’s just the Billy Otto effect.


Kristian "Kriswontwo" Shaw-Mathiassen
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