Wordspray announces debut album: Phronêsis

After an incredible show at the Uhørt FestivalWordspray is ready to release their debut album, Phronêsis, on September 16!

At one point the audience stood with closed eyes and goosebumps as frontman (Kuku Agami) performed the song, We Could Be Together, which is about his mother and how cancer took her away from him.

We would like to offer you a first-listen of the album before the rest of the world (September 16) – please send an email to kris@wontune.com to recieve a dropbox link, where you will find mp3’s, artwork, pressphotos and more.

On the menu is, delicious lo-fi beats topped with honest, vulnerable and raw rap lyrics. At times you feel like you are seeing Shakespeare in a rap form doing cinematic monologs.

Wordspray has had an amazing year visiting the morning show on National Danish TV, festival concerts in France, Germany & Denmark and appearances in the award-winning documentary Dans[K].


Kristian "Kriswontwo" Shaw-Mathiassen
Founder, WONTUNE