Zac Williams releases his 2nd album “My Mind’s Design”

Following up on his amazing 2020 acoustic release, “Inside Out”, Zac shows his instrumental versatility with another full length gem. The project contains 10 pieces of groovy, airy, instrumental cuts topped with Zac’s beautiful vocal, that transcends the musical traditions of artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, John Mayer & Djavan.

The young Danish musician & singer takes the listener on a musical journey of stylistic versatility & lyrical creativity. It’s literally a playground of musical adventures diving into limitless songwriting and virtuous guitar riffs. The description might sound a bit geeky – but it’s also perfect if you just want to listen, relax, turn off the worries for a moment.

Make sure to follow Zac on instagram (@zacwilliamsmusic), to stay updated with live dates!


Kristian "Kriswontwo" Shaw-Mathiassen
Founder, WONTUNE